The Healing Kitchen at Ruggadon is a special place to visit  for a private class in macrobiotic and healing cooking.

At the healing kitchen we love cooking with the knowledge that our food has the power to transform us and bring us happiness and vitality. Our daily food makes our cells and our blood, and determines how we feel, look and how well our bodies function. Learning how to cook and eat with nutritious and delicious fresh ingredients must be a priority if we are to avoid ill health.

There is a wealth of evidence to show that a diet rich in whole grains, beans, vegetables and fruit helps prevent and heal disease. Studies have shown that the healthiest and longest-lived people on the planet eat natural, plant- rich diets. But in Britain, following in the footsteps of the U.S, we’ve developed a diet that’s dominated by meat, dairy, processed foods, refined flour and sugar. Despite the mounting evidence, many of us seem reluctant or unable to change what we eat. Sometimes we need the space, encouragement and some support to make those changes.

It is not our intention to explain macrobiotics here, as there is a wealth of good information available on the web and in books.